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Pulse News Items are simply “what’s new and improved” in your business. Whether it’s a special event, new service or grand opening, people like to know what’s going on in the 941 area and want to be a part of it.

At Fit941 we understand that successful marketing goes beyond just print advertising. We consciously connect your company name within our editorial to create positive momentum for your business. Unlike simple print companies, once an issue is created the information never disappears; all articles and content are freely accessible on our website therefore proliferating the awareness of your business as a whole and enhancing popularity throughout the web and social media.

In order for people to feel a connection or build an understanding of who you are as a company/business, people need information to fulfill the questions they didn’t know they had. By submitting a Pulse News Item, you are infusing who you are with educational content marketing. This helps people who are already interested in what you do (due to our niche audience) feel a sense of interaction with your company. Search engines are driven by original content, and that’s what we provide. Since we are so much more than just a print magazine, we have the ability to grow your business through SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, such as key word utilization that assist in topic related searches to boost your popularity. This helps your business stand out and connect your unique identity to the infinite possibilities the internet can offer.
Start today and submit your news and pulse your way to the top.

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