Paleo Pantry Open for Business

Now you can stock your pantry and home with fresh, healthy, and delicious ingredients without compromise. No need to fret over meal planning or grocery shopping. Paleo Pantry will take the guess work out of your equation.

We are what we eat. Paleo is about fueling our bodies with a variety of fresh and tasty unprocessed foods, bridging the gap between our ancestral roots and modern-day lifestyle.

Paleo is an abbreviation of paleolithic from the Greek roots palaios and lithos meaning “old stone”. Paleo refers to the Stone Age when our ancestors began using stone tools about 2.5 million years ago. During this time humanity survived as hunter gatherers on a diet of meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. By returning to our ancestral roots and abstaining from dairy, grain, refined sugar, legumes, and processed oils, people around the world today are rediscovering a vibrant, healthy way of life that had been lost in the modern age of junk food.

In January of 2016, as a member of the local Crossfit Bradenton gym, Alia was introduced to the paleolithic diet. Alia committed herself to the diet and began shedding weight, using a 5-week plan. This diet was based on eliminating grain, dairy, and added sugar. Essentially, eliminating processed foods. Ironically, the plan had Alia eating more than she had prior, as well as adding carbs. Once the 5-week plan completed, Alia had lost 11 pounds and a spark was lit!

Paleo Pantry is creating an option for their local Sarasota and Manatee County area to have high quality unprocessed food ingredients, recipes, and support delivered to their doorstep at an affordable price, using sustainable business practices.

For more information on Paleo Pantry visit GoPaleoPantry. Com, or call 941-504-4913.