Build the Ultimate Body – Gym Free

Life can get in the way causing many well-intentioned exercisers to miss a trip to the gym. Stress, guilt, and anger can come in waves leaving many feeling horrible about missing a workout. But what if the gym is anywhere and the fitness equipment is your body? Bodyweight training is an effective way to build an impressive physique with the added advantage of saving money.

The thought of bodyweight training may give you the reader flashbacks of an elementary school gym teacher preaching about the health benefits of push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. But they were actually on to something! Bodyweight training is a fast and effective way to build strength, muscle, and control over the body. Below are the three top benefits of why you should begin body weight training.

Benefit #1

Bodyweight training builds strength. You don’t just need to bench a bar to gain the power! Levers, pistol squats, and iron crosses are all great feats of total body fitness that only require the body as the weight. Try this simple exercise to test your true strength.

In a push-up position, lower your body down until your chest is a half inch from touching the ground. Now hold that position as long as possible without breaking form. If that wasn’t challenging enough try the same procedure, but this time, stagger your hand and foot position. Place your left hand and right leg forward, while your right hand and left leg stay back in the starting position. Soon you’ll realize holding a simple position like this requires a lot of strength. No weight has been added, it’s just the body.

Benefit #2

Bodyweight training is a low cost fitness option! Of course, there are many benefits to gym membership, supplements, group classes and health technology. But, these all cost money that not everyone has in large amounts. Whether you are rich, poor, or middle class, you can rock out a killer workout solely using your bodyweight and you can do it anyplace and anywhere.

Benefit #3

Bodyweight training will build muscle. Many assume it is not taxing enough and therefore it will not cause an anabolic effect where torn tissue heals and the body builds muscle. This information is not true. For example, some of the best athletic physiques come from gymnasts. They are strong, fit, and very muscular. Want softball sized biceps? Start training like a gymnast and you will be amazed by the results. At the end of the day, the key point to remember is that bodyweight training is a great way to get into great shape. With proper programming, you can get the ultimate body solely by bodyweight training.

John Schaser, AKA The Health Alchemist, is an ACSM certified personal trainer and FRCms mobility specialist in Sarasota. He chose his name because he tests anything that he recommends to friends, family and clients on himself first. To reach John directly, email him at