Genetic Testing for Fitness Comes to 941

Your DNA holds the key to what works best for you. Research has shown that 80% of fitness goals fail because the plan is too hard to follow. With Boost! Fit genetic testing you can say goodbye to the confusion of “trial and error.” By getting your genetic analysis done you can discover your body’s fitness plan.

Losing weight can be up to 3x easier on a DNA diet. A recent Stanford University study showed that people who ate a genetically appropriate diet experienced 287% more weight loss over 12 months than a control group. Deciding between Mediterranean or low-carb diet? The research shows while they both might be good, only one works best for you.

Boost! Wellness of Sarasota is the first company to bring this exciting new test to the area. Now you can make your natural abilities your greatest advantage. If you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply stay healthy – genetic testing can help you find the most effective working out method so you can see greater results faster. With your personalized genetic profile, you’ll learn: the proper ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats for your body; how to make proactive decisions regarding diet, exercise, & lifestyle based on your DNA; and gain insight into your genetic predisposition for exercise to get the most benefit from endurance and strength training.

As a part of their new lifestyle enhancement division, Boost! Wellness is offering $50 off Boost! Fit testing for the first 10 clients mentioning Fit941.

For more information on Boost! Fit testing, or to arrange an initial consultation, call 941-363-1889. Boost! Wellness at Passport Health is located at 2195 Ringling Blvd in Sarasota.