Swimsuit 2017

Amy Parker was raised in Sarasota. She has been involved in the fitness community for 3 years. She hopes to reach more people on their journey to health. As well as being a fitness nutritionist, she is also a nationally qualified figure competitor, and just recently began modeling for various projects. Photography by Max Kelly

Zach Hamam is a commercial actor and fitness model with over 20 years experience in the film industry. He uses fitness as an outlet for stress and mental clarity. Zach is a personal rainer who sells online training.
Photography by Max Kelly

Anna Neal is a
personal trainer and proprietor
of LiveFit Training in Bradenton. She
was recently named Ms. Health and
Fitness 2017 and will be featured
in Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine this fall.
Dave Bennett has been a fitness enthusiast for his entire life. Team sports as a kid and distance running and triathlons as an adult. A lifelong gym rat, he has gravitated to Crossfit recently and with the coaching at CFB has gotten stronger and faster as he gets older. Married to Rita for 20 years, he has a 16-year old daughter Brooke. Dave typically does 4 CrossFit workouts per week and another 2-3 traditional weightlifting/cardio workouts as well.
Photography by Max Kelly