Serving up Super Smoothies

A Polish immigrant, Stephen Poplawski, invented the blender in 1922 in Wisconsin specifically to create blended drinks, albeit for drug store soda fountain shakes and malts. By the 1930s, health food-conscious Californians omitted ice cream, malt and sodas and added fruits to the mix, essentially creating the smoothie we know today; a blended healthy beverage packed with fruits, vegetables, and a plethora of heathy ingredients including anti-oxidant and fiber-rich super foods, herbs, spices, teas, and supplements, among myriad other ingredients.
Realizing the huge market opportunity, food manufacturers jumped on the smoothie bandwagon although bottled, commercial smoothies often contain added sugar which translates to added carbohydrates. Fortunately, the beauty of smoothies is that you can prepare them at home with nearly limitless super-healthy and nutritious ingredients right from your fridge, freezer, and pantry.

Not sold on smoothies? Need a good reason? How about we give you 10?

  1. Extraordinary Health Benefits. Besides getting all your daily recommended fruits and veggies, there are limitless opportunities to add myriad healthy ingredients including awesome herbs, superfoods, spices, supplements and other health food options. And as you’re creating healthy and delicious smoothie recipes, you are educating yourself on healthy eating and will likely make better food choices.
  2. Boost Immune System. Talk about preventative medicine, green smoothies packed with superfood ingredients like leafy greens, fruits, spices, seeds, oils, waters and plant-based milks among other ingredients, all of which are packed with antioxidants to boost the immune system.
  3. Detox. Detox. Detox. What better way to detox your body then with smoothies? A smoothie full of fiber, antioxidants, nutrients, greens, fruits, teas and waters helps to flush toxins, for a natural cleanse.
  4. Build Better Body. Nutrient-dense smoothies help power your body to perform better in athletics and help with recovery after a workout. Super food-rich smoothies make a super body.
  5. Increase Your Energy. Smoothies are full of natural, organic proteins and carbohydrates that fill your tank and fuel equals energy; pretty simple.
  6. Realize Better Digestion. Since smoothies are loaded with nutrient-rich dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables, you’ll experience better digestive health.
  7. Feed Your Brain. Adding amino acids, the building blocks of brain cell proteins, from ingredients packed with those amino acids including green tea and honey, will help with memory and mental clarity.
  8. A Family Affair. The awesome thing about smoothies is that you can get the best ingredients into your kids and getting them involved in creating and preparing smoothies teaches them how to make healthy food choices, lessons that hopefully last a lifetime.
  9. Shed Some Pounds. You’ve heard of diet or nutrition plans that require one to substitute a liquid (usually a shake or smoothietype beverage) for a meal. Smoothies accomplish the exact same thing: replace a full meal with a healthy smoothie and the pounds begin to disappear.
  10. Smoothies Equal Happiness. You feel better; sleeping well, thinking clearly, with renewed strength and energy. Plus, you look better; pounds shed, muscle built, glowing skin, hair and nails. When you feel beautiful inside and out, you’re just happier and it shows. So start blending!

Smoothie Tips and Notes:

To keep sugar intake down, stick with 2 cups fruit per day or less.

Unseen green: add ½ c baby spinach to everything – won’t taste it

Stick with low-fat Greek yogurt for protein

Fats are our friends, good ones anyway, like nuts/nut butter, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, flax seeds/oil, and chia.

Season those smoothies! Mint, basil, lemongrass, lavender, cilantro/coriander, parsley, lemon/ lime juice, ginger, clove, cardamom, cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and extracts like almond, coconut and peppermint to name a few.

Boost weight loss by adding green and/or white tea, cinnamon, dark chocolate (un-sweetened cocoa powder), ginger, chili pepper, and yogurt.

Liquefy with lower-cal healthy options like almond milk, coconut water, skim milk and of course good old H2O.