Cleansing Ingredients to Aid Removal of Toxins

Whether training for a marathon, a long distance bicycle race or simply wanting to play longer stretches in a casual game of basketball, all athletes seek additional energy and strength to help maximize their enjoyment and performance. Natural options abound that can help the body prevent injuries while also increasing recovery time from injuries, if they occur. Certainly most athletes understand the amount of exercise and sport specific training invested by high level athletes. But proper nutrition is often overlooked when crafting a plan for athletic success. Taking supplements to enhance a healthy, balanced diet gives an athlete the best opportunity to perform – and feel – their best.

For example, otherwise healthy, fit athletes who take a regular, moderate dose of spirulina typically enjoy enhanced endurance. Spirulina is a blue-green algae containing a protein that creates an environment conducive to developing muscle mass. The proteins, iron and beta carotene (30 times what’s in one carrot!) found in spirulina help combat muscle fatigue. Spirulina also contains natural stimulants that promote muscle tone. It restores energy and vitality, curbs fatigue and reduces muscle cramps. Studies also have indicated a slight upgrade in power among regular exercisers who take spirulina as part of their regular diet.

Chlorophyll is an antioxidant found in leafy green vegetables such as collard greens, turnip greens and kale. It’s also concentrated in wheatgrass, barleygass, contains vitamins A, C and E and naturally cleans the colon. In addition, chlorophyll contains magnesium which has a calming effect on the body, reducing stress on muscles and the nervous system. Chlorophyll binds toxins in the gut, removing dioxins, benzene and aflatoxin from the body, which in turn increases energy and allows the body to perform at an optimal level. An ideal pH level for the body is slightly alkaline. These pH levels decrease (become more acidic) during workouts, because the body is producing anaerobic energy, which lacks oxygen. The body takes calcium from the bones to offset this. Muscle tissue becomes more easily fatigued in this condition. Magnesium found in chlorophyll raises alkaline levels in the bloodstream.

Supplemental enzymes enable the body’s natural enzymes to work more efficiently. Probiotics have multiple positive effects for athletes. For starters, they help the body produce higher levels of protein, which is essential to building stronger muscles. They allow athletes to absorb nutrients faster and therefore, the body receives the fuel necessary to build muscle. Probiotics also strengthen the immune system, which can become depleted via rigorous, intense exercise, such as what an athlete undergoes while preparing for a competition. Athletes training for a marathon or distance bike rice can become susceptible to upper respiratory infections. Experiencing an ailment of this nature can curtail a training program or force an athlete to cancel a planned competition, altogether. Taking probiotics daily for a month can build antioxidant levels and improve body and joint health. In addition, they create short chain fatty acids which give additional boosts of energy during a workout or competition. Probiotics also strengthen the cells that line the gut. This can reduce bloating, gas, diarrhea or other discomforting side effects that can adversely affect a workout. Athletes must raise their calorie intake as they train intensely. This can also lead to similar gastrointestinal issues which, again, probiotics can help prevent.

Protease enzymes reduce inflammation and can help bruises heal faster. They’ve been used to help prevent and treat injuries in serious athletes for more than 100 years, and are another natural and effective way of helping the body recover from a intense workout or minor injury. The German and Austrian Olympic teams consume enzyme capsules throughout the rigorous training they endure while preparing for competition. This consumption is becoming a larger part of sports medicine routines across the globe.

Finding the right mix of natural supplements is essential for any athlete. In the modern ultra-competitive world, every athlete should seek advantages to create an environment where the body can reach its potential. Chlorophyll, spirulina, probiotics and other digestive enzymes can be found in detoxifying blends of superfoods to ensure the athlete not only performs his or her best, but can also help prevent injury while improving the chances of a quick recovery.