Body Plyometric Combo: Lunge Jumps and Squat Jumps

This exercise is a combination move using plyometrics and body weight exercises.

At the starting position, we are in a neutral standing pose then use a squat jump to get over a barrier of modest height, landing on the other side of the barrier and performing two lunge jumps.

In this demonstration, the barrier is a circle, but if it is just a one-sided barrier, squat-jump over, do two full lunge jumps, turn 180 degrees and squat jump back over the barrier. In the case of this demo, with a circular barrier, remain facing forward and complete second squat jump over the far side of circular barrier.

Lunge and Squat Jumps are great if you want to work muscles in your hips, butt, legs, arms and core. In just one move, a dozen muscles engage to spring your body up in the air. Several more muscles are recruited to help stabilize your body. This is an intermediate level move, so master a basic lunge before you add in the jumping.

Exercise performed and described by Eszti Bazso of Eszti Fitness