Very Cool Cryotherapy

very-cool-cryotherapyWhole Body Cryotherapy or WBC is a therapy originally developed in Japan as a healthy alternative to harmful drugs for reducing inflammation.

Studies have shown a wide variety of health benefits from this three-minute regenerative therapy. During a WBC session, the air temperature in the chamber is dropped to -250° F and while inside the body “shifts all of its resources to preservation mode, stimulating a systemic healing reaction,” say CRYOSRQ owners.

“While other cold therapies can be of benefit, they all have a local effect, only benefiting the application site,” owners say. “WBC is systemic which means it benefits the entire body. Studies have shown decreased pain and inflammation, faster recovery and healing from injuries, reduction of depression and anxiety, improved restorative sleep, increased metabolism, improved skin tone due to collagen production, and an improved immune system.”

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