Suncoast Half-Marathon Canceled, but ‘Celebration’ Isn’t

suncoast-half-marathonThe Active Suncoast Foundation’s annual Suncoast Half Marathon road race on Lakewood Ranch will not take place this January, 2017, according to its website.

“Newly established road closure requirements along the course and in the communities would present a hardship to the residents who host the event and the logistics required make it impractical to hold the race,” the announcement reads.
“While it was a difficult decision to place the race on hiatus and look into alternatives for 2018, we want to thank our past participants, volunteers, sponsors and residents of the Country Club West communities for supporting the event for the last four years,” the statement continues.

“We also still want to encourage everyone to remain active and provide you a way to show your support for Active Suncoast. Just because we aren’t holding the race in 2017 doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate the accomplishment of finishing a half marathon. Whether you do one before January 15, planning to do one after, or rack up your 13.1 one mile a day, the party is still on at the 2017 Suncoast Half Marathon Celebration,” according to the website.

A call for volunteers for the celebration is posted as well as is a note that “We will be publishing more about volunteering in the coming months.”

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