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School Days Fitness

A lot is going on at the beginning of the school year. The transition from summer isn’t always easy. For starters, readjusting schedules has likely been a chore since kids often stay up later and sleep in during summer. And there’s the transition back to academia in general. Researchers and educators have known for decades…

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Heart Pumping, Frightfully Fun Halloween Runs

The ancients Celts celebrated the end of harvest season with a festival then called Samhain, now known as Halloween. They used the festival, in part, to “take stock and prepare for winter.” Sounds like a good time to prepare the body for winter, too (although in the 941 we can hardly claim to have to…

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Get Tilted

Tilt Cycle is Sarasota’s newest indoor cycling studio. Owner David Banks has coached group fitness classes in the 941 for many years and is well known in the fitness community. With Tilt Cycle, Banks has realized his goal of creating an ideal indoor cycle boutique. Banks has taken an already-popular industry and tilted it by…

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