360 Degree and SAAKA Team Up

360-degree-and-saaka-team-upTalk about a ringing endorsement: Breaking Muscle writer and Becca Borawski Jenkins praised SAAKA sweatbands for preventing “sweatinduced blindness” during a workout and said the brand is functional, comfortable and “ridiculously soft.”

But that recommendation is no match for the commitment of local fitness authorities and owners of 360 Degree Health, Stephen and Claire Kelley, to the SAAKA brand.

The Kelley’s are fitness and boot camp instructors, personal trainers as well as ultra-runners (run races of 31 miles or more). The fitness aficionados now use SAAKA headbands and wristbands exclusively, and have endorsed the product as the best on the market.

“We are just really excited to find equipment that works,” the Kelley’s say. “We have tried several different companies and SAAKA is by far the best.”

The SAAKA brand was born out of necessity by creator and owner Steven Wieder on Siesta Key, “where we know and understand best how to handle heat and humidity,” he says. SAAKA headbands, wristbands and armbands keep sweat out of athletes’ eyes and off their hands using super absorbent, odor combating fabrics viscose and bamboo between layers of antimicrobial poly/spandex wicking fabric. Wieder says without sweat in the eyes or slippery hands, vision stays clear and an athletes grip remains dry and secure.

“SAAKA is the proud sponsor of ultra-runners Stephen and Claire Kelley and 360 Degree Health. The Kelley’s knowledge, athleticism and energy will provide valuable feedback to SAAKA in its continued pursuit of product excellence,” says Wieder.

For more information visit Saaka.com. To learn more about 360 Degree Health, call (941) 400-2841 or check out their Facebook page at Facebook.com/360DegreeHealthSRQ.