BMX is Great Exercise for Kids

bmx-is-greatBorn from imagination and creative invention, BMX got its start when 1970s California kids began riding (and stunting) their bikes on dirt tracks and desert hills and terrain a la motocross performed by motorcycles. Bicycle motocross soon became wildly popular and a sports industry was born. Four decades after being invented by kids, in 2008 BMX became an Olympic sport. And whether cyclists are in it for fun or sport, BMX riding is a great way for kids to keep fit.

A BMX bike is small and light, perfect for the type of maneuvering required for bike motocross. And like any other bike, a variety of “minor and major” muscles are “activated” and engaged when riding, according to The glutes especially get a great workout as do the quadriceps and hip flexors, Livestrong says.

But it’s not just specific muscle groups targeted, riding provides a “full body workout,” says Health Fitness Revolution, increasing strength. “Pedaling uses various leg muscles, while lifting the handlebars to perform tricks can help build muscles in your arms,” Health Fitness Revolution says. BMX riding boosts cardio health, not unlike other forms of bicycling, by allowing the body to “use oxygen more efficiently.” It is established science that enhanced cardiovascular health has myriad health benefits. Even for kids.

And BMX riding can burn plenty of calories. Regular BMX riding can generally improve a kid’s fitness, no question about it.

As an added bonus, BMX riding is at once thrilling and, since it’s sans rules, allows kids the freedom to express themselves in the sport.

Established in 1974, Sarasota BMX Supercorss, is the nation’s oldest continuously operating BMX track. Over the course of its more than four decades in operation, Sarasota BMX Supercross has hosted countless state, regional and national races and is considered the “cornerstone of Florida BMX racing” having collaborated and partnered with the former National Bicycle League, the Sunshine State Association and USA BMX. And, the track hosted the Strider World Championships; Strider is for BMX riders ages 5 and under.

What may well be the most exciting event ever at Sarasota BMX is set for Oct. 8 and 9. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) chose the Sarasota track for the 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup finals. It is anticipated that more than 250 male and female athletes from 35 countries will compete at Sarasota BMX Supercross. The two-day championship will have a worldwide live TV audience.

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