Partner Body Weight Exercise

This is a partner body weight exercise where one partner is doing an elevated feet push-up and the other is doing a squat.


partner-body-weightThe partner doing the squat, believe it or not, is working the entire body. When we work our largest muscles, we release testosterone which helps us build muscle throughout the body and shed fat. For every pound of muscle we build, our body will burn an extra 50 to 70 calories per day. The primary muscles being worked with the squat are the quadriceps, the glutes—and secondarily we work the abs, because when done properly, the core needs to be engaged throughout the entire move.

The partner doing the elevated feet pushups is primarily working their chest muscles (pectorals). If you think about the position of your arms when your feet are elevated, the angle is obtuse (greater than 90 degrees) therefore this type of push-up is similar to an incline bench press which will tend to work upper chest, and is typically a little bit harder than flat bench (regular push-up) or decline bench (on your back with your feet up).

Demonstrating this partner move are Renee and Logan from Around the Clock Fitness Sarasota.

Around the Clock Fitness is a 70,000 square foot facility with state of the art equipment located at 935 N. Beneva Rd Sarasota. Renee is wearing Around The Clock Fitness’ brand new line of Live Fit workout apparel.