Time for a Spring Cleaning

time-for-a-spring-cleaningTo most, the mention of a “cleanse” will have people flinching at the word; running to assumptions that it’s all about being stuck on a toilet for days. Although there are some cleanses that are exactly that, not all cleanses are the same yet all are equally important. To simplify the concept of rapid aging, it all comes down to stress. Just as all cleanses are not the same, neither are the different types of stresses that may speed up the aging process.

There is a cellular type of stress that can occur when the level of toxins in the body has become unmanageable to our organs. When the body’s “chemical bank” is full, so are its stress levels, leaving the body unable to successfully repair itself, thus the look of “aging” can occur. When the body is relieved of these stresses, it is now able to address what’s most important, healing and maintaining a healthy system.
Heavy metals and chemicals are hidden in everything; from the foods we eat, to the products we use to wash our bodies, and moisturize our skin. Over time these toxins build up in the system, causing a wide range of symptoms that can be difficult to pinpoint.
According to Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN and Galen D. Knight, PhD, symptoms of elevated heavy metals and toxins can range from fatigue, digestive stress, reduced ability to absorb and utilize nutrients, aching joints, acidity, depression, impaired blood sugar regulation, and above all inability to lose weight or have clear skin.


The adage, “If you can’t eat it or pronounce it, don’t put it in or on your body,” is a good rule of thumb to follow.
Avoiding processed foods that contain a high amount of preservatives is always a give in, but a lot of toxins are related to products that also touch the food before consumption. Using glass, cast iron, carbon steel, titanium, and enamel cookware instead of stainless steal, aluminum and non-stick cookware will help prevent leaching and exposure to nickel and carcinogens.


Avoiding further toxin exposure will insure the bodies toxin levels will not increase at a rapid rate, but it will not insure that the body will have the ability to properly relieve itself of these toxins without a little help from the right diet, exercise and of course, proper detoxification. Cleansing also assists in proper brain function, concentration, memory retention, overall energy, proper rested sleep, digestive function, skin health, eye health, hearing, immune health, and above all disease prevention.


Amino Acids – Amino acids are great at removing metals from the body, and can work to increase liver health and balance enzyme production. Can be found in supplement form or naturally occurring in fruits and dark leafy greens as well as proteins.

Cilantro – Cilantro is just one super-herb that can effectively remove heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, and lead in particular) – in only two weeks. Also, because these metals can damper the immune system, cilantro is also recognized as an immune-booster.

Food-Grade Activated Charcoal – Not only is it good for detoxifying; this includes detoxing heavy metals. It is also great at absorbing other toxins preventing detoxification symptoms that can cause discomfort during a cleanse.

Brazil Nuts – Not necessarily a chelation food, Brazil nuts actually work to restore the good minerals, like selenium and zinc, that may be lost in the chelation process.

Onions and garlic – The sulfur in onions and garlic can also work to eliminate heavy metals. Along with these, things like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage also have high sulfur content.

Chlorella – The extract is found in “green” plants and foods. It can be found in powder of liquid form and is best paired with cilantro. Both work together to chelate the body and push out toxins.

Artichokes – Artichokes help the liver function at its best, by increasing the liver’s production of bile, and since bile helps break down foods which helps your body use the nutrients inside them, an increase in bile production is typically a good thing.

It’s also filled with fiber, protein, magnesium, folate, and potassium.

Asparagus – Not only does it help to detoxify the body, it is also considered anti-aging, anti-cancer, heart healthy, and is a general anti-inflammatory food. It’s also known to help with liver drainage relieving overall stress on the organ.

Beets – When detoxing, they will help by making sure that the toxins actually make it out of the body. Many detox cleanses go wrong when toxins are reintroduced to the body because they don’t make it all the way out. Beets also help with free-radicals, making them an anti-cancer aid.

Among these examples are only a small percentage of the foods and herbs that can naturally cleanse and rebalance the body. It is never too late to detox the system of unwanted chemicals. Most natural food stores have an abundant selection of detox kits that can kick start the system and prevent the onset of illness in the future.

Jaqlyn Tinaro is the owner of Virtue Of Health LLC and carries a degree in sports and orthomolecular nutrition as well as certifications in personal training and Microscopy. For more information visit www.VirtueOfHealth.com or contact her though VirtueOfHealth48@gmail.com