X 30 Boot Camp

x-30-bootcampX 30 Fit Boot Camp is coming to Sarasota. With results that are “guaranteed,” X 30 Fit Boot Camp is offering an “ultimate fitness experience” with 30-minute fat loss workouts. “We are the experts in fat loss and functional fitness,” says Victoria Van Dine. “We specialize in 3-minute fat loss workouts and are the best at it. Our workouts are fun and challenge your body every time.”

As part of their grand opening, X 30 Fit Boot Camp is offering people the chance to win a 6-month membership plus two exclusive registrations for their opening 6-week Transformation Challenge.

X 30 Fit Boot Camp is located at 5140 Clark Road, Sarasota in the Northridge Publix Plaza.

For more information, visit X30Fit.com.