Train Together Remain Together

train-together-remain-togetherT hemed weddings are hot but none are more fire than fitness-themed weddings. Even before the walk down the aisle, pre-ceremony traditions can be fit-focused; think bridal party boot camps, a little sweating before the wedding, and bachelor parties at the gym. But it’s the actual wedding where the fit fun happens.

Engagement Parties/Photos

Kayla Rohleder and Ian Matthews held their engagement photo shoot at CrossFit Bradenton. The couple had met while both were intern physicians at Manatee Memorial Hospital. It helped that they both had a passion for fit, healthy lifestyles. They fell in love at CrossFit.

“We bonded over our shared drive for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, so it only made sense to do our engagement photos where we were naturally ourselves and back in the place where it all began,” Kayla says. “We used equipment at the gym and overall just had fun with it. Ian bench-pressed me. We deadlifted together, did rope-climb kisses and of course the classic overhead squat kissing photo.”

Kayla is now an Anesthesia Resident Physician in Houston, Texas and Ian is in the Air Force. The couple will marry in June and have planned a “Wedding WOD that we can do together this year and every year on our anniversary,” Kayla says.

Wedding Invitations

Beginning with the invitations so guest know what to expect, one idea posted online had a invitation that resembled a marathon or road race card with a nod to the starting line; the couple is at the starting line for the run of a lifetime, for example. Or try puns ‘We can’t ‘weight’ to get married!’ The limit here is the couple’s imagination.

The Dress

Fit brides are saying yes to a dress that best shows off her physique. Sleeveless, strapless, short or even body-con (tight, fitted) dresses beautifully flatter a toned, muscular frame. Bridesmaids too can wear similar dresses. One fit wedding where couples posted their pictures online featured bridesmaids wearing pastel camisoles with full, off-white organza and taffeta skirts and pastel-matching sneakers. The choices are limitless, but whatever dress style is chosen, it better show off that bod.


While we’re talking about the bride, the bouquet too can fit the ‘fit’ theme. One way to get fit, besides exercise is to eat healthy foods. A bouquet can feature edible flowers like English chamomile, chervil, African marigolds, pansies and violets, flowering and fragrant herbs like lavender, mint, lemon balm and rosemary and finally the dénouement, purple-leafed kale for structure and balance. Create a beautiful, edible, healthy bouquet everyone will want to catch.


Let’s get to the party. Here is where a fit-theme can be fully realized whether it’s for a couple of boxers or cross-fitters. The sky’s the limit on the type of decorations but recent photos of fit-weddings posted online show everything from reception dinner tables named for specific exercises, like the lunge or squat table with the card affixed to a dumb bell. Name placeholders might be designed in the shape of hand weights, or as one couple did, a piece of fresh fruit have each guest’s named pinned to it. Tables feature trophies as vases and live, potted flowering herbs or vegetables as favors for guests to take home. The wedding cake topper is another opportunity to showcase the theme with the bride and groom lifting or, where the groom lifts the bride, or even cooler, the bride lifts the groom. There are scores of other great ideas online at sites like and of course on Pinterest.


Like Kayla and Ian, many couples choose to have their engagement photos done in the gym where they met utilizing equipment as props. But the day-of-the-wedding photos, unless the couple is actually married in a gym, won’t have those same props to play with. But a bit of online research reveals myriad unique ideas for fit-themed wedding pics. We loved images of an entire wedding party in sneakers at a faux race starting line and another where the bride and her bridesmaids posed flexing with dumb bells. Photo booths are trendy and a lot of fun for any big event but are especially awesome at weddings. Some include cut-outs that guests and the wedding party pose with including one found online that featured a giant cut-out of a Muscle & Fitness magazine cover, with lots of fitness-related props to play with in the photos.

Social Media & Hashtags

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your fitness-themed wedding go viral. Hashtags used in wedding day photos by guests posted to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media are limited only by the clever fit-enthusiast’s way with words. We like a few we’ve concocted and seen online including #swolemates, #buffbride and #musclemarriage.