That ‘Crazy Wrap Thing’

that-crazy-wrap-thingWhat’s your problem area? Your stomach, legs, butt, arms, thighs, or chin? Jen Peters suggests trying an application of It Works! Crazy Wrap.

“It will tighten, tone, and firm with minimized appearance of cellulite,” Peters says. Adding users will see “fast and lasting results in as little as 45 minutes.”

But for those that are “not into wrapping,” Peters says she endorses ‘fat-fighter’ pills, eye cream, menopausal supplements, and ‘greens’ powder that can “detoxify, energize, and alkalize.” She also says It Works! defining gel is a “wow cream that does wonders on wrinkles in 45 seconds.”

Peters, an independent distributor for ‘It Works!’, describes life as a purveyor of the products makers say will “tighten, tone and firm” in days, as a rewarding and fun career.

“It means days filled with friendship, a job that’s all about fun, and a life of freedom, but it wasn’t always this way. Not long ago, I was a stressed-out working mom with a boring job, just trying to make ends meet, when I saw this amazing picture on Facebook,” Peters explains.

“Before I knew it I was earning free wraps and cash and having a blast doing it. Best of all, the checks kept getting bigger and bigger every month. I was able to pay off my credit cards and student loans with this crazy wrap thing. Now I’ve quit my job,” she says. “I’m able to spend more time with my kids, and my family is living debt-free. I’ve got the life I’ve always dreamed of, and you can have it too.”

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