“Stretchability” is it for you?

stretchability-is-it-for-youDoes stretching improve athletic performance? Although there is substantial amount of research on the subject, it is still an area up for debate in the fitness world. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, “The latest research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise helps answer the question of how pre-exercise static stretching protocols impact maximal performance. Based on the findings, static stretching has its place in the warm-up, but the key to maintaining performance is how long the stretch is held.”

Local, professional stretchers at the Stretch Zone seem to have it figured; it offers passive and pain-free stretching.

Jorden Gold, known as ‘Stretch,’ pioneered a revolutionary movement in health and fitness. Gold is an international expert on stretching, a licensed provider of education for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Body Work, instructor at Hands School of Massage Miami and operator of one of the most respected stretch-therapy companies
in the industry.

“We developed Stretch Zone’s Conversion Kit and Stretch Cells of systematic stretches, so that people are not fighting the resistance of their own body,” Gold says.

Why mention Miami-based Gold? Because Miami has come to Bradenton in the form of Kevin Hall, one of Gold’s most devoted students and his protégé. Hall is a Certified Personal Trainer who became a stretcher following his passion for helping people.

“I didn’t think I would be so good at it,” he laughs. But he’s better than good. Indeed, Bob Rustigan, owner and manager of Stretch Zone, says he wishes he could have Hall cloned.

The Stretch Zone Manifesto states, “The limiting factor to achieving full range of motion is not the length or elasticity of muscle the nervous control of the tension via the stretch reflex.” So in order to truly understand stretching and whether or not it is necessary or advantageous to the athlete, Stretch Zone offers this analogy: “Think of a car seatbelt. If you pull too quickly, it locks. If you continue to force it, you’re just stretching the material itself—that’s what it means to micro-strain a muscle. However, if you were to pull your car seatbelt nice, smoothly and controlled, it will come out much farther.”

Debating the question of whether stretching improves athletic performance, for professionals, is not much of a debate. Increasing and maintaining range of motion for an athlete is invaluable, especially when it comes to injury prevention. Most athletes seek sports therapists after they have an injury. Consider being the athlete that adds stretch therapy to the daily or weekly routine to prevent injury because when you’ve worked this hard to get to where you, don’t take a chance that your range of motion, flexibility, and “stretch ability” isn’t the best it could be.

For more information on Stretch Zone or a free 30 minute stretch contact Stretch Zone at 941-773-3698 or online at StretchZoneOfTheSuncoast.com.