OTF Launches ‘OTBeat’ App

otf-launches-otbeat-appOrangetheory Fitness is taking another step in employing technology as a cornerstone in advancing fitness and a healthy lifestyle for their members. Members are now able to track their entire fitness lifestyle, inside and outside of Orangetheory Fitness studios, with their OTBeat App, recently released to the public.

Orangtheory Fitness has taken the nation by storm with their heart rate-based interval training and complete full body workouts. A key factor in Orangetheory’s model is working members through five key heart rate zones at very specific times, accomplished through real-time tracking of each member’s heartrate while in an Orangetheory class. Orangetheory’s tool for this, appropriately called OTBeat, has proven to be so effective for members that other fitness companies are struggling to create something comparable.

Now, Orangetheory is making OTBeat even more effective; it not only tracks what a member accomplishes in an Orangethoery Studio including heart-rate zones, calories burned, and Orangetheory’s metabolic indicator called “Splat” points, but also tracks fitness and activities outside the studio as well. This gives members a completely comprehensive look at their fitness lifestyle, their caloric burn, what they can do to increase “splat” points and more. The app works seamlessly with OTBeat equipment like heart-rate monitors specific to Orangetheory that can easily be worn throughout the day.

“The ability for members to track both what happens inside of an Orangetheory Studio during workout and what is happening outside the studio; walks or runs, calories and heart-rate, is a huge tool for our members,” says Heather Flannagan, Regional Manager for Orangetheory Sarasota. “It adds a complete lifestyle monitor to their lives. It is like FitBit got improved and then combined with the most effective workout in the nation. Everyone wins.”

For more information about the OTBeat app, contact Orangetheory Fitness in South Sarasota at 941-444-2439, in Downtown Sarasota at 941-444-2440, and in Lakewood Ranch at 941-444- 2442, or visit OrangetheoryFitness.com.