M.A.T. at Def Fit

mat-at-def-fitDefinition Fit is offering Muscle Activation Technique (MAT™) at its Sarasota studio.

Developed by Greg Roskopf, MAT™ was created out of his frustration with traditional approaches to athletic strength and conditioning. Roskopf holds a master’s degree in Health and Fitness and has experience and expertise as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist who’s worked alongside physical therapists. And it was while he was working with PT’s, that he observed exercises used to correct performance issues. Most specialists were focused on improving range of movement, joint strength and stability. Roskopf immersed himself in study and combined what he’d learned: tightness/weakness, agonist/antagonist, ROM, and more to develop what is now known as MAT™.

The MAT™ technique helps athletes recover from competitive stress quickly and helps to prevent future injuries while preparing the body to train and preform more efficiently. Athletes seeking to reach optimal performance are often forced to train at high-intensity levels, which comes with risk of injury. For some, muscular contraction inefficiencies place increased stress on joints and tissue. When training at high levels, inefficiencies are magnified, and tax the body. It’s like driving a car with bad alignment; the faster you drive it, the quicker the tires wear out.

Conventional therapy will typically treat the symptom, but the cause of the problem is typically left unaddressed. The end result is that the athlete does not heal, or they go on to experience repetitive injuries or a more severe injury. The goal of MAT™ is to address the weakness before an injury occurs.

If you want your body working at optimal and pain-free performance, schedule an appointment with one of Definition Fit’s MAT™ specialists by calling 941-961-3271.