Love Your Skin

love-your-skinNerium products’ goal is to have clients “love their skin.” As featured on its website, Nerium says its mission is to “Love your skin. Reflect your youth. Our innovative age-defying products will have you loving your skin at any age.”

Sarasota-based Nerium Brand Partners Ryan Hayes and Mackenzie Schmitzerle say the company has “been recognized for changing the face of network marketing as to where some other companies have given it not the best name.”

“Locally just became business partners with Sassy Hair on Siesta Key and we will be attending the marketing on main events held by Ivory Lounge. And, there will also be a booth at Around the Clock Fitness,” Ryan says, “We are rapidly expanding and looking for individuals who are ambitious and responsible.”

Ryan says Nerium has been “featured in Muscle and Fitness magazines.”

“It’s been more than a blessing to be on the ground floor of a rocket-ship company to be able allow people to feel comfortable in their own skin to give people new hope and also to be able to show people that you can make money outside of a 40-hour work week without a boss,” he says.

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