Weighted Sit-Up Cross Punch





5This exercise primarily works the abdominals, indeed, the entire core, essentially the whole body save the limbs and neck. Secondary muscles involved include the shoulders.

The Move

Start by lying on the floor on your back, elbows bent holding the weights straight up.

Sit up, bend your knees and feet go flat on the floor.

As you reach a full sit-up, punch your right arm diagonal across your body, and slightly twist your body.

Go back to center and then punch your left arm diagonal across your body and twist slightly that way.

Return back to center, and slowly and controlled, return back to the starting position.

Repeat this move for 10 repetitions and three sets. As you get stronger, add repetitions. Note: To add resistance, you can also gradually increase the weights, and alternate with doing the move rapidly, then slowly.

Orange Theory Fitness Regional Manager Heather Flannagan, who is an NPTI Colorado Personal Trainer and AFAA TRX Certified shares her Weighted Sit-up Cross Punch move which she describes as an exercise that’s “good to the core.”