Extremely Awesome – “Extreme Fitness Challenge”

extreme-fitness-challengeThe inaugural Fit941 Extreme Fitness Challenge, a 5K with fitness tests throughout the race, will be held Saturday May 21, 2016 at Sarasota’s Celery Fields. Formerly known as the Pinwheel Fitness Challenge, the Fit941 Extreme Fitness Challenge’s goal is to promote ‘Breathe Easier Life’ for kids with Cystic Fibrosis and will benefit Kristina’s Cure Finders and honor the life of Kristina Conn.

While the Extreme Fitness Challenge is not an obstacle course, if “You’re tired of the monotony of a 5K race and want a little variety, this event is for you,” says Fit941 publisher and founder, Dr. Jason Cross. “And if you want to challenge your fitness, but don’t consider yourself a runner or hardcore CrossFitter, this event is for you.”

The family-oriented fitness event includes a standard 5K Run/Walk, though even runners, Jason says, who don’t like distance don’t have to worry, the race is broken up into smaller segments, the longest being 800 meters. The challenge tests your fitness level in different and fun ways by offering mini-workouts at points throughout the 5K course and is designed for all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. Also very much a part of the Fit941 Extreme Fitness Challenge is a fun kid’s challenge event. This year the gym/ box division has been added. Each individual competing will add to their gym’s total points and will contribute to overall standings for the fittest gym.

If you’ve never been part of a fitness challenge before, this is the event for you and promises to be a unique challenge for 941-area fitness aficionados.

John Lay, who ran the first fitness challenge (formerly known as Pinwheel), declared it, “The best race I have ever run.”

“I have run marathons, tris, mud races and everything in between,” John says. “The fitness challenge was by far the most fun and challenging at the same time. And it’s great for younger athletes, too. My 12-year-old son ran and had a blast.”

The venue for the for the Fit941 Extreme Fitness Challenge, the Sarasota County-owned 360-acre Celery Fields, is a perfect location and has long attracted bikers, runners, and walkers with its sloping paths and trails. And, Celery Fields has the distinction of being home to the area’s highest hill, the man-made 75-foot mound, which also happens to offer the most stunning views of the area. You can bet that’ll be part of the race and challenge!

Please join us on Saturday, May 21 at the Celery Fields, 6799 Palmer Blvd. in Sarasota for our Inaugural Fit941 Extreme Fitness Challenge. Registration will begin at 7:30 a.m. and the Challenge will begin promptly at 8 a.m.

To get all the details, check out the website at Fit941EFC.com or connect with Jason Cross at 941-726-6335.