Welcome Whole Self Weight Loss, Bradenton

welcome-whole-selfUtilizing all the tools in its kit, newly opened Whole Self Weight Loss helps people achieve weight loss goals by customizing an individual plan for each client that includes a full medical assessment and evaluation of dietary habits and preferences. A weight loss plan is created for each person and includes prescription and non-prescription appetite control, hCG, great supplements, personalized counseling and healthy real nutrition eating plans.

“Our goal is to help our clients not only lose weight, but learn how to keep it off,” says Whole Self Medical Director Dr. Stanley Forwand.

Forwan, a Columbia University graduate, has a curriculum vitae includes 40 years as a cardiologist and doctor of internal medicine, 30 of those years spent as Chief of Cardiology at Harvard’s Mt. Auburn Hospital, while also serving as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Also on staff is nurse and nutrition coach Michelle Powell who talks the talk because she walked the walk. Five years ago Michelle was a 210-pound mother of five who was cautioned by her doctor that her weight was seriously affecting her health. She cut sugar out of her diet and added hCG, changed her lifestyle and lost 88 pounds.

Whole Self Weight Loss is located at 822 62nd Street Circle East, Ste. 104, Bradenton. For more information call 941-747-5677 or visit WholeSelfWeightLoss.com.