Sweetest Hangover

hyrd8There’s a new hip, and smart way to recover after an epic, one-for-the-record-books girl’s night out where maybe there was a little too much wine or one too many martinis.

“Wine, any alcohol, is a diuretic and causes dehydration,” Fernando Vega of Hydr8 Hydration Center and Recovery Lounge says. Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluid and electrolytes than it is taking in. If you don’t replace these fluids quickly, you may get dehydrated. After a night (or nights) of over-indulging often comes the dreaded hangover with symptoms including headaches at best and feeling like you’ve got food poisoning at worst.

At Hydr8 you’ll receive 60-minute intravenous treatments to get re-hydrated with fluids the body needs under the supervision of a board-certified medical doctor and a registered nurse. And the setting is at once comfortable and luxurious.

“We’ve had a few bachelorette parties come in for recoveries,” says Fernando.

In the warmly lit Green Room lounge, which can accommodate 8, relax on soft leather sectionals and chaise lounges with warm blankets while receiving treatment. Each room comes equipped with 60-inch Smart TV’s so the group can enjoy unlimited streaming of favorite shows or movies.

“It’s a contemporary South Beach setting with a West Coast vibe with medical professionals supervising from beginning to end,” says Fernando.

Group discounts are available and everyone leaves with a high-quality workout shirt from ‘Go All Day.’

Hydr8 is located at 1539 2nd St., in Sarasota. For more information call 866-223-8707 or visit WeHydr8You.com.