CrossFit LWR: Thinking Globally, Rowing Locally

crossfit-lwrIn solidarity with fitness aficionados across the planet participating in the Global Marathon Row Challenge this May, Crossfit Lakewood Ranch is hosting its own event May 14 at its Paylor Lane facility where participating members will row a marathon. Yes, a 42,195-meter row in one workout.

And while CrossFit LWR understands not everyone will be able to train for the feat, they’ve opened up the event for relay teams of four to eight people. The way it works: Sign up for a team. The team then chooses a charity that will benefit through fundraising and awareness.

The relay row is set for May 14 with a four-person team where each person rows 10,549 meters and the eight-person team has each member rowing 5,275 meters.

For Global Marathon Row Challenge at CrossFit LWR details and information on how to participate, contact Aaron Weedo at CrossFit LWR at