Underlying Causes of Weight Gain

underlying-causesOur bodies gain and hold onto weight for a number of reasons. In order to successfully lose weight, it is wise to address the underlying cause of why the body is gaining in the first place. The first step is in understanding that fat is stored in the body as a defense mechanism. Before society became what it is, our bodies didn’t know when the next meal was coming our way, so as a defense mechanism we stored our foods as fat just in case. Today, society, food accessibility and food quality has changed drastically. Along with the changes in environment, stress and toxin exposure, a number of diseases and disorders have developed over time. A lot of these disorders have a very common side effect—weight gain.

Let’s start with the basics, eating habits and diet. Digestion starts in the mouth, i.e. chewing and saliva production. A common issue for many is not properly chewing foods; this leaves large chunks of food unable to fully break down, leading the body to store it as fat. The next aspect to consider is under eating or not eating often enough to keep the metabolism going. When the body doesn’t get an adequate amount of fuel, the body will immediately assume that it has to store fat in order to survive. Starting the day off without breakfast or going hours without eating is the biggest offender to weight gain. (A quick side note—coffee is absolutely not breakfast or a meal replacement.)

On the other end of the spectrum there is over eating, or eating “empty calories.” It is unlikely to have too many vegetables, but it is most definitely possible to over eat processed or over cooked foods that have little to no nutritional value. The majority of people who are constantly hungry are the ones that have a very low nutrient dense life style. Frequently consuming high nutrient dense foods in low or even large amounts will rarely cause weight gain. It is the aspect of absorption, food combination and food quality that determines weight gain.

There are many individuals out there that already have active, high nutrient dense life styles and still have an issue with losing weight; this is where mental or physical stresses come to play. Depression is known to be a viscous cycle, it can be caused by external stressors or internal imbalances that people might not be aware of. Thyroid imbalances, adrenal stress, lymphatic congestion and high toxicity exposure can not only cause depression, but also be the number one cause to stubborn weight gain. Depression can manifest into lack of motivation, low energy and therefore lack of mobility. The most effective way to address this is to go to a doctor that will test for thyroid, adrenal, female and male hormone imbalances. There are many ways to naturally boost the thyroid and adrenal system, for example, taking a Lugol’s iodine solution in conjunction with vitamin E and Selenium can help naturally boost the thyroid. For adrenals, taking bio-available B vitamins, amino acids (BCAA’s), Moringa Oleifera extract and trace minerals can naturally boost the health of your overall system, but if levels are clinically low it would be wise to be treated by a professional.

Heavy metal and chemical toxicity exposure can also cause the body to store fat as a defense mechanism to protect the organ system—this makes exercise a difficult task for the body. Since the fat is contaminated with an over load of toxins, it does not want to release the fat as energy, and therefore the body utilizes muscle, inhibiting fat loss. The best way to address this is to encourage the body to detox itself. Hot yoga, Aerial yoga, dry saunas, natural whole body detox kits, natural heavy metal chelators like cilantro, Fulvic-Humic minerals and chlorella will help detox the lymphatic system, release water weight and toxins out of the body.

The last aspect of weight gain to consider is joint pain, injury and inflammation. When the body is inflamed, the ability to get nutrients to the affected area becomes debilitated, causing the injury to sustain for longer periods of time. Maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet that eliminates foods such as dairy, canola and soybean oil, processed sugars and breads will not only assist the body with inflammation but also encourage the body to lose weight. Assisting with supplements like super critical extracted Turmeric, omega 3 fatty acids, MSM, L-Glutamine and Acetyl L-Carnitine will also assist in weight loss and overall inflammation. When it comes to injury the body needs assistance internally as well as externally. Looking into techniques such as rolling out the fascia tissue with a foam roller and lacrosse ball to increase mobility will encourage the body to promote healing and increase chances of weight loss.