renegade-row-with-pushupLiz Lowe, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from the University of Vermont, is a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. A longtime personal trainer, her exercise expertise has been featured in Men’s Fitness magazine, Muscle and Fitness, and Liz is also a presenter for the National Strength and Conditioning Association. And, she’s co-owner, with Ryan McDonald, of Scorch Fitness, which opens in January in Sarasota. The new gym is centered around result-driven total body workouts.

Liz’ ‘Renegade Row with Pushup’ move requires the use of dumb bells. Liz says this exercise is a favorite, for myriad reasons.

“I love this exercise because it is a total body exercise that works to stabilize the core while building upper body strength. It can be used as a single exercise in a workout or incorporated into a circuit,” she explains. “One of the key benefits of this exercise is its ability to strengthen the body in proper postural alignment.”


  1. Start in plank position with dumbbells in hand.
  2. Keeping your core tight row the dumbbell up without twisting your torso.
  3. Return the dumbbell to the ground and repeat on the other side.
  4. Once both rows are completed lower your body down and complete a pushup keeping your elbows tucked in.