941 Power Couples


Kelli & Adam Jaco

About the Jaco’s

A native of Sarasota, Kelli was a Division I competitive swimmer at Boston University. After graduating, she competed as an ‘elite’ in triathlon. Adam, who was raised in Sarasota, began boxing as a young boy. In 2002, he turned pro and competed successfully for a decade. The couple met, married and opened Jaco Boxing and Soul Yoga. They have two beautiful children. Currently, Kelli is focused on daily gym and studio operations and will be competing in obstacle course racing in 2016. Adam is Jaco Boxing’s head trainer and works daily with clients and has successfully trained several amateur fighters.

Professional Achievements

Adam and Kelli were recently selected from 10,000 athletes to compete on the new NBC TV show ‘The Spartan Race Ultimate Challenge.’ They joined 180 elite athletes from around the country to race and film in Atlanta. They also hold an annual fundraiser ‘Jaco’s vs. Autism.’ Last year they raised $40,000 during the 24-hour boxing event with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Sarasota’s ABA Academy, a non-profit that strives to develop the full potential of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Philosophy of Success

“Now, whoever has courage, and a strong spirit in his breast, let him come forth, lace up his gloves and put up his hands.” ~Virgil


Lisea & Vince Julien

About Lisea and Vince

Lisea was born in Virginia and with three brothers, it’s not a surprise she became a tomboy with a love and passion for physical fitness. In fact, she began teaching group fitness when she was just 18. After majoring in physical education and teaching at a Tampa-based high school, she taught Jazzercise at a community center in Tampa and then transitioned to her role as a manager for Shapes Total Fitness, which is where she met and fell in love with founder and owner Vince Julien. The two wed in 1993. Vince, who grew Shapes into a nationally prominent and successful franchise, is president and CEO of Crunch Fitness Florida.

Professional Achievements

Lisea and Vince have been in the health and fitness industry for decades; she as an instructor and manager, Vince as founder, owner manager, and instructor who grew Shapes Fitness for Women, Crunch Fitness Florida and Southside Athletic Club into multi-million dollar fitness destinations for thousands.

Philosophy of Success

The couple, who regularly exercise together say, “We work to improve ourselves, individually and as a pair.” And, adds Lisea, in their lives, “God is first.”


Claire Stirling & Stephen Kelley

About Claire and Stephen

Both Claire and Stephen are certified personal trainers and TRX-certified instructors. Claire and Stephen are both endurance runners who love weight training and hot yoga.

Professional Achievements

“Helping people accomplish goals they never thought were possible,” the couple says. Claire and Stephen have also raised thousands of dollars for local families in need through their charity boot camps.

Philosophy of Success

“You have to focus on each other’s strengths and on what each of you bring to the table. You can’t force the other one to conform to a certain style of training. You have to allow each other to be who they are in all aspects of the business.”


Aaron & Alexis Weedo

About Aaron and Alexis

Aaron grew up watching his father train athletes in his garage after work which would inspire him to one day open his own gym. While at the U. S. Naval Academy, he distinguished himself as a football player who set a record for kick return yards against Army. After graduation, he too began training clients in his garage, worked at a corporate job and played semi-pro football. Alexis, who began competitive gymnastics at age 8, 30 JANUARY | FEBRUARY 2016 FIT941.COM would go on to Florida Atlantic University on an academic scholarship, and worked in a sports performance facility helping to train young athletes. Upon graduation, she became a personal trainer but also began working with physical therapists which helped her to better understand rehabilitation and injury prevention, an interest Aaron shared.

Professional Achievements

Aaron and Alexis met as trainers and both had been closely following CrossFit workouts. “We went from exercising and training as hobby to training clients’ full time, and it happened organically.” In 2011, the couple opened CrossFit Lakewood Ranch; they started out in a small location but within two years moved to a new location, double the size. The couple credits community support for that growth: “Growing up playing sports, families worked together. We carpooled to practices and helped each other out. We wanted that feel in a gym. We wanted to create a community where people would come together as a family; a place where no one is judged. That’s what we see here and we like that. Our community is everything.”

Philosophy of Success

“The motto for CrossFit Lakewood Ranch is ‘Leave your ego at the door and your sweat on the floor,’” Aaron says. “That’s an accurate philosophy for how we’ve succeeded as a couple. It’s hard enough being a couple, and hard enough working alongside someone else. We’ve learned to really work with each other’s strengths, especially in this professional environment.”