Boar to Your Door

Boar-to-Your-DoorThree Suns Ranch in Punta Gorda is now shipping their grass-fed, clean and antibiotic- free meats—bison, cow and wild boar— across the state.

Three Suns Ranch describes itself as the premiere grass-fed, hormone-free, no antibiotics, all natural ranch in Florida. “We are one of only a few ranches in the country that raise our animals, harvest them, and cut and wrap them under U.S.D.A. inspection,” owners say.

Its bison have lots of space to roam and plenty of grass: “Twice a year we round them up and run them through the system for checkups and sorting. for the remainder for their time on the ranch we keep our interactions to a minimum. We try to let the bison be bison,” Three Suns Ranch owners say.

Its cows are locally raised, grass fed. With several different breeds including the original Florida Cracker, and Angus, Brahma and Herford: “We raise and care for our cattle from the day they are born to the day they are harvested, and can therefore vouch for the cleanliness of our beef. We are one of only two ranches in the country that can make this claim.”

Its pigs are actually Florida wild boar purchased from local trappers. Wild boar in Florida – with their rooting, especially — are, in a word, detrimental but oh so tasty. Three Suns Ranch helps control the wild hog population but adds that wild hogs have a great flavor, is much leaner than pork from commercial pork found in supermarkets.

Three Suns Ranch will now ship meat to your door. For more information, call 941-639-7070 or visit their website at