State, County in Legacy Trail Land Purchase Discussions

state-county-legacy-trailLast spring Sarasota County Commissioners endorsed a plan to extend The Legacy Trail into downtown Sarasota and gave the go-ahead to begin land purchase negotiations to begin.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Transportation had begun its own negotiations with CRX on the possible purchase of 100 miles of rail corridor, which happens to include the intended 7.5-mile Legacy Trail extension. According to the Friends of the Legacy Trail website, it was informed by Sarasota County officials of FDOT’s “interest in multiple rail corridors” with CSX indicating it is willing to allow the state to potentially make an offer prior before the company engages with Sarasota on its cost sharing land appraisal.

FDOT is in a “review” process with no indication when the review will be complete and it’s unclear how negotiations will proceed, but the Florida Legacy Trail has said it believes “the involvement of FDOT in the process is a positive factor in our effort to extend the trail.”

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