Massage your Worries Away

just gents -resizedJust like the skin cells on the face, the cells on the body shed to reveal new and healthier skin underneath. As the scrub is massaged over the body, the granules help to get rid of dead skin; as a bonus it boosts circulation by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. And just in time for winter, JustGents is featuring its winter special, a 60-minute, hands-on massage combined with a full body eucalyptus scrub.

The scrub includes Eucalyptus gently infused to warm the skin and loosen knots as well as Arnica and Epsom salt to relieve tension and soothe tired muscles. The treatment combined with a massage is meant to lead the body into total relaxation as the stress and tension disappears. Following the treatment, clients wind down in their steam shower.

For more information go to Just-Gents.Com or call 941-330-9100 to schedule an appointment.