Climb Your Way to the Top

climb-your-way-to-the-topSummer is coming to an end but SRQ is heating up! Does adventure course through your veins? Have you ever wanted to get down and dirty for a cause all while building a better community? Coming this November Green Zone Heroes, an innovative adventure race management company with a focus on building veteran community relations, will be hosting their very first event at Nathan Benderson Park Saturday, November 7th, 2015 “Part of our focus is to create events that accentuate community assets and enhance quality of life,” said John Krotec, CEO and former volunteer coordinator at Nathan Benderson Park. “We picked Nathan Benderson Park for our event location because it is a unique community asset surrounded by many neighborhoods that can walk or bike to our event thus supporting our sustainability mission.”

Adventurers and Veterans alike will be able to get outside and conquer a twenty-eight feature obstacle course that spans over 5k in distance and navigates both land and water challenges. In addition to the obstacle course, where your body will be pushed to its limits, there will also be strategy based puzzles hunts to test the mind. Participants will have to use their wits to find clues that will lead to some exciting prizes! Community relations is held in the highest regard with GZH (Green Zone Heros) and they are on the front lines to truly make a difference in both Veterans and civilians lives by connecting a shared passion for adventure.

The obstacle course is a multi-skilled, multi-age challenge adventure that is designed for everyone. The course has three levels, Sector Alpha (Green/beginner), Sector Bravo (Blue/intermediate), and Sector Charlie (Black, advanced).

ALPHA– Don’t be fooled by Sector Alpha it’s a challenging course even for the stoutest beginner. You’ll be zig-zagging, crawling, climbing, balancing and having a “foamazing” time.

BRAVO– Now it’s time to kick it up a notch. Come test out your strength, agility and endurance in our seventeen (17) obstacle challenge. You’ll complete all of Alpha Sector and then be welcomed to Sector Bravo by the jungle swing followed by a series of true obstacle challenges. Bring your target skills and receive a recognition wristband for your prowess on the range. Then ring a bell and head off towards the “Haymalayas”.

CHARLIE– You’ll complete all of Sectors Alpha and Bravo then traverse water by rope to meet up with our GZH drill sergeants who will put you through a rigorous PT session. Then it’s off to the water again only to be greeted by the glacial pool where it’s cool waters with prepare you for the rolling pin then into the spiders den. Ring another bell and swim across to be welcomed to the jungle.

Veterans will have the opportunity to meet fellow veterans and be part of their Veterans’ Connection. There will also be a special event, “Race with Your Hero” which will feature teams made up of a youth 7-15 and their hero veteran. Come cheer on our teams and leave a message on the “Thank a Hero” wall. As the only GZH team event, it will bring together a young person and their heart-chosen veteran for a team race through Alpha sector. This special event will touch your heart as you take part in celebrating our heroes and their families.

For individuals not ready for the course yet, try out the featured obstacles. Try pull-ups for heroes and take home a great GZH souvenir. Take a photo with friends at the GZH star photo center and share on social media. Spend the day or just spend a couple hours to hang out with friends and make new ones. There will be live local bands, healthy food, and fun for everyone to experience.

GreenZone Heroes allocates a large percentage of its profits to initiatives that fill gaps in veteran’s services as well as support alternative therapies for post traumatic stress. Everything you do with the GreenZone Hero Community raises money for veterans. They have a patented methodology that allows for complete transparency and this allows people to see exactly how much money is going to support veterans. “This company is a reflection of everything John Krotec and I value,” said Alexandra Coe, co-founder of GreenZone Heroes.
“So race, climb, volunteer and be a hero today”

For more information on GreenZone Heroes, register for their events and their Veterans Connection program, please visit