Athletic Performance System: Strap, Clip & Go!

athletic-performance-systemIn this increasingly hectic world the demand for a complete self sufficient wellness system has never been higher . When originally creating the Athletic Performance System, developers formulated a 750 page manual and converted it into HTML5 software compatible with all devices. Over 10,000 hours were spent producing this perfect all in one fitness system. APS has developed 6 specific key components to helping you achieve your optimum goals; exercises, stretching, mobilization, nutrition, hydration, and workouts. Every aspect of fitness is covered and all the training equipment you need is included. It allows individuals to personalize their own fitness routine and nutrition according to their ability and goal on their own time.

Built for males, females and the whole family, it is the only fitness product that comes with “SOFTWARE” that is desktop, laptop, and tablet friendly (compatible with all devices). APS has over 300 instructional videos, never before seen exercises and is the most portable fitness system in the world; set it up inside your home or anywhere outside in less than 1 minute. The support is extensive, giving you not only the visual instructions on technique and form, but picture and written instructions as well. Whether you need assistance or resistance the equipment provides what you need.

Once you are a member, the support staff builds workouts and nutrition protocols that are personalized to your specific needs. Nutritional guidance can be a controversial thing, with APS, you choose what you want to eat based on the provided food items list that gives you a full nutritional break down. Whether you’re vegan, or prefer animal based proteins, APS respects that and lets you take control of your diet. This program is giving you the ability to structure out your diet and gives you an understanding of the actual nutrient content you’re putting in your body. Superfood bar recipes are included that you can make at home, perfect for healthy snacking.

Hydration unfortunately can be “under rated” at times. Many athletes struggle from muscle cramps, shortness of breath and dizziness during intense workouts because they are not getting an adequate amount of water and electrolytes into the body and muscular system. APS, not only gives you a breakdown of how much water is meant for your body specifically, but it also provides knowledge on the raw fruits and vegetables in your diet that will help you hydrate even more.

It’s common for individuals to want to reach a specific goal of flexibility that they’re still incapable of reaching. Regardless of consistency, sometimes there are locations of the soft tissue and fascia tissue that need to be released in order to get the mobility you’re looking for. With APS they give you specialized techniques that help you release those blocked areas all on your own! You will see improvement in flexibility and progress to your goals at an accelerated rate.

PhD Reviewed & Approved Product

Dr. Mike Hearron, a Doctor of Physical Therapy; has received his BS in Kinesiology from Washington State University and completed his doctoral work from the University of St. Augustine in Florida.  “As someone who loves working out, I’m always on the search for the hottest trends in strength training or finding the best ways to push myself, I was very fortunate to know about this product. I spent time trying out a few of the recipes with little problem, and for someone who does not bake or cook well, I was happy with how they turned out. There are literally a million combinations of exercise routines you can put together. Recommending the use of it to friends, family, and patients at my clinic…I can easily see myself using some of this for patients ranging from balance and trunk instabilities to some of my high school athletes who are trying to return to sport.”

How does it work?

You can purchase a monthly or lifetime membership that gives you access to the software, support, and comes with the equipment.   There are even options to purchase the entire system including a touch screen lap top! The choice is yours.  All of the packages included a money back and satisfaction guarantee.

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