Strength and Peace with a Twist

strength-and-peace-with-a-twistFor years Yoga has been dominated by women, even though it was originally created for men to prepare their bodies for war. On Monday nights at 6pm, Soul Yoga Sanctuary is now introducing a “Men’s Only” yoga class that is specifically geared towards joint and muscle mobilization. If that’s not enough encouragement, they finish the class off with a locally brewed beer.

Soul Yoga Sanctuary is a space that offers many different empowering forms of yoga. They were created to offer people the ability to challenge and nourish their bodies all in one.  Along with updating their original space and expanding off of Jaco Boxing, they are expanding their services to assist everyone who wants to develop strength, flexibility and inner peace. On Wednesday nights at 5:45pm and Saturday mornings at 8am Soul Yoga Sanctuary is offering a special boxing and yoga package where you can take both classes for only $16 instead of paying full price for both. They encourage people to come in at any time to take a tour of their facility to experience the impact Yoga can have on a person.

For more information visit or call (941) 586-2355. To stop by and tour their boxing and yoga facility go to 5712 Lawton Dr. in Sarasota.