Nourish Your Body in Sarasota

nourish-your-body-in-sarasotaAlong with CROPjuice’s decision to open inside LA Fitness on Bee Ridge/Cattlemen back in April, they decided to expand their creative ability and develop unique smoothie blends for the public and for gym members.  CROPjuice will be expanding their food items when they open their third location across from University Town Center Mall in late October/beginning of November and their fourth location in downtown Sarasota at the Ellis building on the Northeast corner of Orange and Main St, late in December/early 2016.

CROPjuice is a raw, organic, cold pressed juice company that focuses on leafy green dense juice. They also offer a wide variety of fruit based juices, “mylks” and coconut libations as well. CROPjuice is known for their process of hand pouring their leafy greens separately from the other ingredients. This way everyone knows exactly how many leafy greens they are consuming.

Dark leafy greens are super foods that decrease sugar cravings, stabilize blood sugar, decrease inflammation and are powerful cancer fighters. Typical “green juices” are loaded with water dense veggies and a minimal amount of leafy greens.

CROPjuice strives to educate people on the awareness of how beneficial cold pressed juices can be for the body.  Their original location and juicing headquarters started in Gulf Gate, they plan on expanding this knowledge and nourishing juice throughout Sarasota. 

To learn more about juicing visit, or to try CROPjuice you can go to their original location at 2320 Gulf Gate Drive, their LAFitness location at Bee Ridge and Cattlemen or their newest University Location at 8211 Tourist Center Drive.