New Dynamic Fitness Gym in South Sarasota

new-dynamic-fitness-gymScorch Fitness will open the area’s first Endurance, Strength and Power gym in south Sarasota this fall. Ryan McDonald and Liz Lowe, co-owners of Scorch Fitness, are proud to announce the 4638 Clark Road location will soon be accepting new members.

“Scorch Fitness is centered around result-driven total body workouts,” Ryan McDonald, co-owner of Scorch explained. “There are no plateaus with our workout regimens because we’re constantly evolving our group fitness programs to better our clients’ physical power.”

Scorch workout programs are based on “ESP methodology”, which focuses on endurance, strength and power to balance clients’ bodies by burning fat and building lean muscle. The owners even tout that the workouts will have you burning calories long after you’ve left the Scorch facilities.

“Our workouts are uniquely designed to create continual progress. We also pride ourselves on our ability to modify our workout to every fitness level,” Liz Lowe, co-owner of the gym says. “Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who is taking their first steps towards fitness, we are able to customize our ESP program to fit your needs.”

Each workout session is an hour long, with workouts modified for each individuals’ ability levels. Classes are offered in small groups only, adding a personal training touch to every workout. Pre-launch memberships will be available.

For more information please visit or call Liz Lowe at 802-349-4999 or contact her by email at