Challenge Your Balance

challenge-your-balanceImagine breathing in the fresh air, the sun shining down, the breeze brushing against your skin, the water gently rock your board … All during your yoga class.  Opening the last week of August, Tidal Bliss Yoga is now offering small group and private paddle board yoga classes in Venice and Sarasota.

Classes are adaptable to all, from the beginner, to the most adventurous and advanced yogi and paddler.  Come challenge your core, while you move through a class designed for the water.  Work your mind, body and soul, while you explore a love for all things yoga and nature.  With Tidal Bliss Yoga, you will not only get a great physical workout, but be encouraged to dive a little deeper, breathe, and appreciate each moment.  Ride the waves of your breath.  Ride the waves of life.  Feel your bliss.

To schedule, visit or call Chandra 941-416-7449.