Organic Produce Delivered to your Home or Office

organic-produce-delivered-to-your-home-or-officeWhite Picket Produce is a new business in Sarasota that delivers a box of 100% Certified Organic Produce to your home or office on a weekly, bi-weekly, or periodic basis. No more running around trying to meet your co-op leader before 5 pm or getting a bag of beets and turnips that you know you will never eat. White Picket Produce offers complete flexibility from scheduling to customizing your box to only include veggies and fruit that you love. And signing up is a breeze! Just go to and click SIGN UP.

Want a group discount? White Picket Produce also offers a discount for large groups or businesses that want all the boxes dropped off at one location. Have a charity or nonprofit? White Picket Produce can set up your organization with a fundraising opportunity. Instead of receiving a discount on the boxes, a portion of the boxes sold can be donated back to your church or charity. Everyone wins and gets healthy at the same time!

And if that isn’t reason enough, NEW CUSTOMERS can get 50% off their first delivery just by entering the promo code “Fit941.” What are you waiting for?

Contact or 941-888-4VEG for more information.