Sarasota IV Lounge Going Strong

sarasota-iv-lounge-going-strongThe concept may have gathered a few celebrity fairweather friends in recent months, but for many, IV Therapy offers a positive, succinct alternative to simply popping a few vitamins bought from an anonymous strip mall store and hoping for the best.

According to Austin DaSilva, general manager of Sarasota IV Lounge, people are always going to have a certain amount of skepticism.

“I’m happy to talk about those concerns,” DaSilva said. “As soon as our customers come in to the IV Lounge and try one of the Healing Cocktails or Wellness Cocktails, their whole point of view will change. I haven’t had anyone come into the Lounge and not walk out feeling like a different person.”

Created from a solution of vitamins and minerals called the Myers’ Cocktail, IV Therapy was invented over 30 years ago by Baltimore physician John Myers and consist of magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and vitamin C.

The process, which can last from 30-90 minutes, is easy and painless. Following an initial consultation with the IV Lounge’s staff, the Lounge’s certified nurse hooks you up to a drip and then it’s simply a question of relaxing while the fluids flow.

“Of course we always recommend that you speak with your primary physician before you come into the Lounge,” added DaSilva.

The cocktails are created in the ‘Infusion Room’ and can be ready in under an hour. A typical procedure lasts for 30 minutes in a medically supervised but relaxing, spa-like lounge setting. The costs vary between the cocktails. “We always have fun promotions going on.” says DaSilva. “We try and make it easy for first time clients to try the benefits of IV therapy and it helps keep them coming back.”

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