Definition Fit Putting the ‘HIRT’ On!

definition-fit-putting-the-hirt-onDaemian Mains, co-owner of Definition Fit in downtown SRQ recently placed 3rd in the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (Diva Fitness) show, a contest described as Victoria’s Secret with muscles! A very impressive accomplishment considering Mains had a torn shoulder muscle and a herniated disc in her neck. How did she shed all the fat and build serious muscle in just 15 weeks? Two factors: An incredibly disciplined diet program and “HIRT” or High Intensity Resistance Training.

Mains teaches HIRT every Tuesday morning at 9:30 at Definition Fit. It’s a new way to work out for incredible results; to build a lean, strong (for women, a very feminine shape) body. HIRT combines weights and kettle bells, bands and body weight exercises in timed intervals with super quick cardio moves. It’s metabolic training at its best.

Mains is preparing now for the next WBFF Diva Fitness show in Tampa, on July 25th. If you want to learn from a prize winning ‘Diva Fitness’ Pro, check out Daemian at Definition Fit—also offering the brand new Beginners fitness classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:30 am.

Call 941 962-3271 to set up an appointment. Definition Fit is located at 1477 5th Street in downtown Sarasota.