941 Real Estate Market Trending Up

941-real-estate-market-trending-upMichael Saunders & Co., one of the region’s largest real estate brokers, sees the healthy comeback in the local real estate market continuing. Marci Rossell, former chief economist for CNBC, recently spoke at the Michael Saunders & Co annual meeting and noted how rising prices mean equity is surging back into our homes, restoring their value and empowering homeowners to sell and pursue new housing goals.

Janet Oberholtzer, Michael Saunders & Co’s 2014 ‘Rookie of The Year’ says, “When people have their net worth increase due to the higher value of their home, it gives them the confidence to go out and make those purchases that they were hesitant to make during the recession—likes, cars, gym memberships, vacation homes.”

Rossell’s message resonated with what Oberholtzer is seeing every day in the real estate world. “Due to more stability in the economy, real estate prices continue their climb, particularly here in Southwest Florida,” says Oberholtzer. “And I think when people feel the stability of their homes’ value, it spills over to a much greater peace of mind in every aspect of their life—this is healthy!”

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