Why Everyone Needs Customized Medical Care

why-everyone-needsThe ambulance arrives at the ER. Several hospital staff members receive a gurney carrying a man, the victim of a gunshot wound. The attending surgeon takes one look at him and says, “This man needs a hysterectomy!” How ridiculous would that be?

Surgeons know that each case is unique. Every human body is different. Sure, there are similarities, but every individual is composed of a myriad of chemical and mechanical functions that flow together, balanced in a symphony of complex patterns where form fits function with more harmony and perfection than even the most imaginative creations of humankind.

Today, modern medicine is taking another look at how we treat disease. Applying the same principles used in the operating room, nutritional medicine is starting to focus more on the individual. Different people have different needs. Not everyone requires or will even benefit from the same diet. Neither are they deficient in the same vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Variations in body chemistry cause thousands of diseases, each with a group of symptoms that often require a number of pharmaceutical products just to help a patient achieve a quality of life that is tolerable.

The future of medicine reaches beyond simply treating symptoms. Now, we seek to eliminate the cause of the disease. Genetic drugsare being custom made to repair DNA in ways that can completely eradicate any sign of specific genetic diseases. The shocking truth, however, is that many chronic diseases originate with the body’s failure to absorb specific nutrients and amino acids, as well as existing hormone deficiencies, whether due to a lack of specific substances in the diet or the aging process of the human digestive system. AgeVital Pharmacy works with practitioners to design a treatment program to return the body to its optimal performance.

Recognizing that every person is unique, we are taking advantage of modern technology to discover the specific needs of each of our clients. One size does not fit all. Using sophisticated laboratory testing, lifestyle and medical history assessments, and physical examination performed by a licensed Practitioner, we can provide a view into the body’s cellular metabolic processes. This is where the fight against many chronic diseases begins. Chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, autism, MS, fatigue, obesity, neuro-psychiatric disorders, musculoskeletal disorders (such as arthritis and fibromyalgia), autoimmune diseases, Hepatitis C, diabetes and certain types of cancers are all being treated with proactive medicine. Not everyone has the same disease. Each person has unique nutritional and hormonal needs. Why guess when you can know? Join the future of medicine.

Learn how to prevent and reverse disease causing problems. Find out what your body is lacking and do something about it. With AgeVital Pharmacy you can get the nutritional and hormonal supplements you need to help your body achieve its optimal performance. It’s time to stop taking someone else’s supplements.

Take your own.