Learn the Proper Running POSE at CrossFit LWR

learn-the-proper-running-poseOn Saturday, June 6, CrossFit Lakewood Ranch is holding a free POSE Running clinic from 10am to 11am at its 5261 Paylor Lane location. The clinic will be led by Rachael Colacino, CrossFit LWR’s Endurance Coach, and will focus on how POSE can help you maximize your running performance and efficiency, prevent injuries, and correct common running faults.

What is POSE Running? Developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970’s, POSE Running quickly spread to the rest of the world, popular within American fitness culture by the 90’s. There are four main characteristics to this method: maintain an S-like body position with a slight bend to knees; lean forward from the ankles to employ gravity in a positive manner; pull or lift the feet under the hips and not behind the buttocks; the ball of foot must land under the body (your GCM or General Center of Mass).

Rachael’s workshop will include a detailed introduction to POSE Running theory, POSE skills and drills, and a workout to reinforce and build proper movement patterns.

All ages are welcome, although sign up is required beforehand! This can be done at CrossfitLakewoodRanch.com. Come dressed to run.