Home to the Fountain (Pen) of Youth!

home-to-the-fountain-of-youth941 Wellness, a sports injury treatment and fitness company located at 4921 Ringwood Meadows in Sarasota, is now offering a noninvasive facial therapy called Eclipse MICROPEN Elite that is guaranteed to remove wrinkles, dark spots, and scars. Dr. Deena Hackett, co-owner along with husband, Dr. Joseph Hackett, markets the treatment’s use of micro-needling technology as a way to “revitalize your skin’s natural ability to heal itself.”

MICROPEN Elite, new to 941 Wellness in March, has already garnered excellent customer feedback, and is a great new alternative to the Mei Zen acupuncture cosmetic treatment 941 will continue to offer. The cost of treatment depends on the individual, as age and skin type are factors that determine what course to take. Some customers have noticed improvement after just one session, but the best results occur following three to six sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart.

Visit 941Wellness.com for more information or call 941-377-4325 to speak with Dr. Deena!