CrossFit Bradenton Set to Expand

crossfit-set-to-expandCrossFit Bradenton is growing in more ways than one! Not only are they moving into a new facility (just 100 feet from the present one) with double the space at 7,000 square feet, additional classes and programs will also be available. Owners, Paris and Beth Vannata, as well as the rest of CrossFit Bradenton’s training staff, couldn’t be more excited for the upgrades.

The extra 3,500 square feet will allow CrossFit Bradenton to offer much more than the typical CrossFit gym. To start, Chiropractic treatments will be available by appointment. Also, Bootcamp and Spin classes will be available as an add-on for current members or as separate programs for non-members. Bootcamp. The Monday- Thursday planned Bootcamp classes won’t involve any barbell movements, primarily a body weight exercise program, but don’t think that means it will be anything less than high intensity. CrossFit Bradenton also has equipment like kettle bells, medicine balls, tires, heavy ropes, and sledgehammers, sure to challenge your muscles in ways you never thought possible. Spin cycling classes will be of the traditional variety, set for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The massive new facility gives patrons a CrossFit experience unlike any other. The sheer amount of space will also allow for increased Open gym time, athletes able to work on their own while traditional classes take place simultaneously, the same for Bootcamp and Spin classes. So grab your wrist wraps and Oly shoes and check out the exciting new CrossFit Bradenton!

CrossFit Bradenton’s new address will be 3210 59th Dr E, Unit 103- 104, Bradenton, FL 34203. For more information visit or call 941-405-0023.