Synergy Fitness Opens its Doors

synergy-fitness-opensSynergy Fitness announces the grand opening of its facility on 4289 Clark Rd in Sarasota. The gym is owned and operated locally by husbandand- wife team Justin and Stacy Flagg, both of whom are professional trainers with experience in a variety of workout systems.

The gym lives up to its name by offering multiple cooperative classes in CrossFit, boot camp workouts, yoga, and hybrid lessons every week, with supervised childcare available for parents in need. Justin says Synergy Fitness is aiming for a supportive, team atmosphere as opposed to being just a gym where people drop by only to work out.

“What we are all about is not just fitness and giving great classes, but improving someone’s overall life … and helping them be better versions of themselves – more confident and overall well-rounded individuals,” he says. “We want to get to know the people who come here (and have them) get to know each other … we want to take a personalized approach.”

Despite the intimate feel, Synergy Fitness is hoping people who walk in the door looking for a gym with a ‘big city’ vibe will be right at home. Stacy wants clients who enter the facility to feel surprised that Sarasota has something this cool.

“It doesn’t look like a typical gym with machines and that cold feeling. You walk in and it feels like you’re almost not even in Sarasota,” she says. “My goal was to have something with a funky, cool feel to it, that makes you want to hang out and mingle with people … not just workout and leave.”

Those looking to experience Synergy Fitness for themselves can take a free class on the weekends before they make a commitment.