When You’re a Trend Setter, You Know It

when-youre-a-trendsetterTiffany Liashek, founder and chief visionary of Studio South Fitness, in Sarasota, Florida, already knew fitness enthusiasts were stepping up their game at area gyms. They want specialized. They want luxury. They want technology. They want personalized. And, according to the Top 20 Fitness trends by the American College of Sports Medicine survey, the #3 trend is already available at Studio South Fitness: Personal trainers who have elevated their level of credentials and expertise.

Robyn Levin, publicist for Studio South says, “What sets Tiffany’s business model apart is her focus on personal training and in a luxury environment. With Sarasota’s booming luxury real estate market, now exercise enthusiasts and those aspiring to improve their lifestyle can have access to this brand new facility conveniently located downtown.”

Liashek wanted to help raise the bar in the industry and focus on personal training rather than selling memberships. Currently, Studio South has 18 trainers with over 90 combined certifications and degrees. Liashek notes that their white glove service begins with high standards for personal trainers. She says, “Our trainers have coached professional athletes, competed as an Olympic weightlifter and performed in the ballet, and each has two or three advanced certificates, including credentials from the American College of Sports Medicine.”

That, and providing a facility to satisfy clients who want luxury with their workouts. Studio South Fitness moved to a newly remodeled 12,000-squarefoot building at 55 S. Palm Avenue in the heart of downtown Sarasota, amongst galleries, condos, restaurants and upscale boutiques. In addition to specialized small group classes, equipment and weight room, plush locker and massage rooms, and a lounge with complimentary wifi, Studio South Fitness combines technology of Performance IQ and Wahoo Heart Rate Monitors with working out.

General Manager Michael Brigger says, “The comment I hear time and time again from clients once they start wearing the heart rate monitor is that they didn’t realize they weren’t working hard enough. Knowing exactly what your client’s heart rate is allows the trainer to create a program that not only strengthens their muscles but also their heart.”

Whatever the fitness level of the client, when first working with a trainer at Studio South Fitness, the client starts with an assessment called a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is used extensively in professional sports.

Now, Studio South Fitness has implemented the screening to identify the client’s asymmetries and limitations or movement patterns and deficiencies, and determine body alignment, so that they can be addressed. The FMS creates a baseline to mark progress, and provide a means to measure performance. It tells the trainer the client’s readiness to perform, so that the trainer can create a specific program, with customized exercises, to reach realistic goals.

Lisa Hutson had “never worked out a day in my life,” she says. “I was shocked that I was not intimidated by the process. Now, my husband and I work out three times per week. It’s been life changing.” One client reported that she would get stopped on the streets from people who wanted to know where she “got her arms.” She contemplated (jokingly) getting a tattoo that advertised her Studio South Fitness trainer, “Biceps by Blaine.”

Despite the spa-inspired atmosphere, new and latest equipment, level of technology and the trainers, Levin says Studio South Fitness is not intimidating to the newcomer, but, instead, inviting and family-friendly. Offering a covered parking lot, PLUS a mobile car wash and detailing service while you work out, Studio South Fitness just might be starting a new trend.

Indeed, it is “Luxury fitness. Join the club.”