Mixing it up on the Suncoast

mixing-it-upAs 2015 approaches, there are workout programs here on the Suncoast for every fitness level, age, body type; even the fitness aerobaphobic.

Let’s start at the very beginning. There is prenatal yoga. After the birth, how about Strollersize, Mommy and Me classes, from walking with the pram to yoga. Not enough? Several Suncoast facilities offer boot camp style group exercise classes taught by popular area trainers, including Yvette Bernofsy and the amazing J.D. Doyle.

Devotees of Step are still marching up and down on a platform. There are multiple flavors of yoga including one called Bikhram and hot yoga where you will shvitz more than in a Turkish bath, but leave feeling amazingly refreshed.

There is boxing, kickboxing and if you really wanna kick some butt, get into Tai Kwon do, karate, jujitsu or Capoeira, based on Brazilian street fight with moves that are as fluid as a dancer’s.

Let’s not forget my favorite: Spin, still as popular as when it for came to us by way of South Africa. This group exercise class is taught by an instructor on stationary bikes. You’ll burn serious calories and get your heart rate going while your instructor and the music steer you down a path to fitness. Pushing yourself is as easy as turning the knob and it’s your choice whether to sit or stand during sprints. There’s traditional spin and at One Cycle, try out a bike that even moves side-to-side.

CrossFit remains a popular group class, and despite popular belief, is scalable for all levels. Workouts are constantly varied, but often include body weight Amovements, cardio moves, even lifting. You may find yourself doing some things you never thought possible, like flipping an oversized tire that last saw service in a monster truck rally.

For those who prefer exercising in the water there are aqua classes, Masters swimming groups, even classes on a hydro cycle where you pedal against the pull of the water.

Hip-Hop is still around as are Jazzercise, dance trance and Pilates on or off machines and all in a group setting. For the more exclusive attention turn to places like Mantra in Sarasota, which offers semi-group classes taught in a clubby atmosphere with music to match.

So this coming year no matter your fitness level, age or condition, know there is a workout for you in the 941 area to get you fit. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and show up!